Construction Update #3

Construction Progress Review Meeting #3

When: Saturday September 8, 2018

Where: New Masjid Construction Site

Time: 9:00 to 11:00 A.M

Minutes of Meeting/ Observations


ZCC: Brs. Amin Makda, Ashraf Moton, Nafees Yousaf & Zaheer Mohammed

CCC: -

All Good Builders: Br Hassan Al Ayoubi

New Items:

· Elevation Arches have been fixed. One arch at NW corner needs to be completed

· Additional Dumpster was on site

· No workmen were present on the site

· Stucco work in NW corner, identified in previous meeting, was removed and the mesh and Tyvek are provided properly now.

· Height of 2 out of 3 front doors has been made 10’-0” as per design

· All Good Builders informed that windows have been ordered. Delivery date will be known later this week. All Good mentioned that proper overlap will be left for the Tyvek & mesh and stucco started around the windows due to the windows delivery lead time

· Workers safety was brought up by ZCC as it was observed that the workers do not use hard hats or harnesses. All Good informed that the workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation

· ZCC will check with KJ Architects for providing door from outside leading to the new sprinkler room

· Three sample Stucco finishes were made available for approval. It was decided that smooth finish Stucco will be provided at locations shown and the lesser rough finish will be provided on arches & parapets at locations shown on the drawings

· ZCC spoke to KJ Architects from the site and it was decided that KJA would provide the color scheme and this would be reviewed and approved by ZCC & CCC

· Once the color scheme is finalized a mock up would be done to arrive at the proper color shade

· KJA to provide the revised drawings for the roof & dome during the week

· All Good needs to check the sprinkler riser near the Mehrab as top priority item

· All Good submitted Invoice #1 for approval & payment.

Outstanding Items from last meetings:

· Arches over windows need to be redone due to discrepancies

· Offset to be provided for a vent pipe in the Men’s Washroom area to avoid

· interference with a window

· South East & North East corners in front to be studied for closing the triangular


· All Good shall provide corner stone pieces at intersection of Stones & Stucco


· The Roof Drainage system that was discussed with KJ Architects on August 31

was approved. The system consists of central high points on the roof with gutters

and downspouts on the side walls.

· Downspout colors to be suggested by KJ Architects and approved by CCC/ZCC

· Color schemes for the Stucco, Granite, Brick Veneer, doors & windows to be

suggested by KJ Architects & approved by CCC/ZCC

· All Good to submit change order request, for all items not covered in the

original contract, for approval prior to proceeding with the changes

· All Good to provide the correct framing for the Glass Door in the Main Hall on

the North West Area and for the steel door on the North East area near the stairs

· The suspended ceiling in the front foyer would need to be provided at an elevation 1’-0” higher than that shown on the drawings to match the arches

· All Good to check the elevations of the framing of the parapet in the front

· All Good to get the rusted steel cleaned and apply primer coat

· All Good to check the riser near the Mehrab for possible use for Sprinkler


· ZCC/ CCC will provide All Good with the revised floor and roof plans,

Gutter & Downspouts Details & Dome Details after receipt from KJ Architects

· All Good to provide 2 new windows on the Northern Wall at Second Floor

level. Size and type of windows to match the existing.

· All Good to provide samples of R-Panels, Stone & Granite to ZCC/CCC

for review and approval.

· ZCC/CCC to provide final color scheme to All Good after finalization with

KJ Architects

· All Good to provide new steel support for the door on the Northwest corner

Included are some pictures from the site meeting


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