Construction Progress Review Meeting #1

When: Saturday August 25, 2018

Where: New Masjid Construction Site

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 P.M

Minutes of Meeting/ Observations

Attendees: ZCC: Brs. Ashraf Moton, Amin Makda, Nafees Yousaf &

Zaheer Mohammed

CCC: Br. Bashir Jangda

All Good Builders: Br Hassan Al Ayoubi

  • No Plywood was replaced

  • Dumpster & Porto Toilet are on site

  • Framing Crew is working on the site

  • Stucco work has started. Scratch Coat completed on NW corner.

  • Framing for some arches need to be modified to account for construction discrepancies

  • The suspended ceiling in the front foyer would need to be provided at an elevation 1’-0” higher than that shown on the drawings to match the arches

  • All Good to check the elevations of the framing of the parapet in the front

  • All Good to get the rusted steel cleaned and apply primer coat

  • All Good to check the riser near the Mehrab for possible use for Sprinkler connection

  • ZCC/ CCC will provide All Good with the revised floor and roof plans, Gutter & Downspouts Details & Dome Details after receipt from KJ Architects

  • All Good to provide 2 new windows on the Northern Wall at Second Floor level. Size and type of windows to match the existing.

  • All Good to provide samples of R-Panels, Stone & Granite to ZCC/CCC for review and approval.

  • ZCC/CCC to provide final color scheme to All Good after finalization with KJ Architects

  • All Good to provide new steel support for the door on the Northwest corner

  • Subsequent meetings will be held at the site on Saturdays at 9:00 A.M

Attached are some pictures from the site meeting


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